Fire Departments - 911 Address Sign Fundraising

Suggested retail price to your customers    $25.

These prices are based on the Regular 911 Address signs. Call us for details on selling the High Intensity signs in your area.


Option 1)

You make your own signs. We supply all the materials.

You make approx. $10.00 per sign.

Order GREEN or BLUE Sign Blanks in quantities needed:

Signs Prices

  • Up to 50 sign blanks @ $8.50 each, per each order.
  • Discounts available for bulk orders.

Number prices

Numbers: $7.50 per pack
3" reflective numbers (25 numbers in a pack)

Ask about special pricing if 500 or more signs are ordered.
All the prices are plus shipping.

Option 2)

We make your signs. You then deliver them to your area residents.

You will make $9 per sign

You sell the signs in your area for $25. You then send us the orders; we make them up and return to you for delivery to the customer. (This is tailored to Fire departments that wish to install the signs themselves.)
$16 per sign
Drilled with numbers affixed.


Option 3)

In some areas we will do everything including selling them.
The department makes $2 per sign (This will amount to approximatly $200 per week to you).
We provide a salesman who makes the signs and even installs them on the homeowners mailbox post (or wherever is best).
With this fund raising opportunity Safety Street does all the work and your organization still makes money. We have found over the years this is the most successful way to get the most signs up in your community and the most profitable for your organization. We come to your community and run a door to door campaign with the address signs. We canvas the area for a period of time selling making and installing the signs on site for the home owner. Your organization makes $2.00 per sign for every sign sold. It may not sound like a lot of money per sign however given our success rate with this program you will find you will make a considerable amount of money and most importantly your community will be well marked. At the end of our time in your community you may even want to switch to Option 1 or 2 and start selling our signs yourself. If your organization would like references to how successful this program works we will be more than happy to supply you those names and numbers. This is a very good way to get a project like this started. For this option you can call 800-526-7077 and leave a message for Tom Brown or call direct 269-806-7063.